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Case Study: Leveraging Regional Influencer Marketing for Croma's Electro Onam Sale

Onam Regional Influencer Marketing Case Study

Croma, a leading electronics and technology retail brand in India, sought to maximize its outreach during the auspicious occasion of Onam, a significant festival in the South Indian state of Kerala. To tap into the vibrant Malayalam-speaking audience, Croma collaborated with two prominent Malayalam tech creators on YouTube Shorts. The aim was to create integrated video content that would not only engage the audience but also drive footfalls to Croma stores for their Electro Onam Sale.

The Collaborators:

1. Gadgets One Malayalam Tech Tips: With a subscriber base of over 1.5 million on YouTube, Gadgets One is a trusted source for Malayalam tech enthusiasts. The channel specializes in tech reviews, tips, and tricks, making it an ideal collaborator for Croma's tech-focused campaign.

2. ADOPIX: ADOPIX boasts a subscriber count of 850K+ on YouTube and has established itself as a prominent name in the Malayalam tech content creation space. Their expertise in tech content in the regional language made them a valuable partner for this campaign.

Campaign Strategy:

Croma's strategy revolved around creating engaging and informative YouTube Shorts videos that showcased their Electro Onam Sale. The creators were tasked with highlighting the sale's key offerings, deals, and promotions while aligning with the Malayalam-speaking audience's preferences.


1. Gadgets One Malayalam Tech Tips: Gadgets One created a concise yet comprehensive YouTube Short video that showcased the top tech deals available at Croma during the Onam Sale. The creator's expertise in tech reviews and tips lent credibility to the campaign, making it more appealing to their subscribers. The video included demonstrations of featured products and emphasized the value of shopping at Croma during the festive season.

Result: The video garnered an impressive reach of over 100K+ and received positive feedback from viewers who appreciated the detailed insights into the sale.

2. ADOPIX: ADOPIX took a different approach by crafting a visually engaging YouTube video that emphasized the festive spirit of Onam and how Croma's Electro Onam Sale could be a part of the celebrations. The video highlighted the joy of gifting and upgrading gadgets during the festival.

Result: ADOPIX's video also exceeded expectations with over 100K+ in reach and resonated with viewers who valued the emotional connection to the festival.


The collaboration with these Malayalam tech creators achieved several notable outcomes:

1. High Reach: Both videos garnered more than 100K+ views, exceeding the campaign's expectations and ensuring significant exposure to the target audience.

2. Engagement: The engagement metrics for both videos were impressive, with viewers actively commenting, sharing, and expressing interest in the featured products.

3. Footfalls: Croma stores reported a noticeable increase in footfalls during the Electro Onam Sale, attributing a significant portion of the influx to the influencer marketing campaign.

4. Brand Trust: Partnering with trusted Malayalam tech creators enhanced Croma's brand trust within the regional audience, positioning the brand as a reliable choice for Onam shopping.


Croma's regional influencer marketing campaign for the Electro Onam Sale, in collaboration with Gadgets One Malayalam Tech Tips and ADOPIX, proved to be a resounding success. By leveraging the reach and credibility of these Malayalam tech creators, Croma was able to engage the Malayalam-speaking audience effectively, drive footfalls to its stores, and establish a stronger brand presence during the festive season. This case study highlights the potential of regional influencer marketing in aligning with cultural festivities and reaching a diverse audience.


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