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Embracing Authenticity and Spreading Happiness: A Journey with Tanima Samaddar

Regional Influencer Tanima Samaddar

What drives someone to become an influencer? For Tanima Samaddar ( @tanima.samaddar ) , it all began with a random encounter on the street. Inspired by the recognition she received from a stranger, she embarked on a path to make a difference and connect with people. Tanima's upbringing in Delhi, despite her roots in Kolkata, and her exposure to diverse cultures and people during her time in the hotel industry shaped her worldview and approach to work. It taught her the importance of respect, kindness, and the inherent goodness in people.

Creativity is at the core of Tanima's content creation process. She strives to showcase what she personally would like to see, ensuring her content resonates with her own preferences and tastes. This approach allows her to bring an authentic touch to her work.

Balancing her identity and culture with content that appeals to a wider audience is of utmost importance to Tanima. She firmly believes in staying true to herself and only promoting what truly resonates with her.

By following this principle, she remains authentic while creating content that can be appreciated by a diverse range of people.

When it comes to role models and sources of inspiration, Tanima's mother takes the spotlight. Her mother embodies beauty, energy, fierceness, intelligence, and unparalleled dedication. She serves as a constant source of inspiration, guiding Tanima in her journey as an influencer.

Like any journey, Tanima's path as an influencer has not been without its challenges. One of the major hurdles she faces is creating content even when she doesn't feel motivated. Additionally, keeping up with trends and understanding algorithms can be overwhelming. To overcome these obstacles, Tanima practices patience and explores new possibilities. She understands that success requires adapting to change and trying new approaches.

Reflecting on a memorable collaboration, Tanima recalls an experience with an apparel brand that didn't go as planned. Despite putting in extra effort, facing delays, and navigating the challenges of shooting during the COVID-19 pandemic, the collaboration ended with misunderstandings and legal issues. This experience taught her the importance of formalizing communication with brands and the realization that each person has their own perspective, casting others as villains in their own stories.

For aspiring influencers just starting out, Tanima's advice is simple yet profound: have fun while creating content. Embracing the process with joy and passion brings out the best in one's work and resonates with the audience.

Through her work as an influencer, Tanima aims to have a positive impact on her followers. She envisions her account as a happy place, a source of motivation, and a platform for sharing everyday good things like sustainable practices and inspirational thoughts. Her goal is to leave behind a legacy of spreading happiness and teaching people valuable life lessons.

Tanima Samaddar's journey as an influencer is driven by authenticity, kindness, and a genuine desire to make a positive impact. With her content, she aims to brighten the lives of her followers and provide them with meaningful insights. Her vision of creating a joyful and inspiring space on social media sets her apart, leaving a legacy that brings happiness and goodness to the world.


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