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Exclusive: The 5 Trending Bengali Regional Influencers You Need to Follow Now

Trending Bengali Regional Influencers

Over the past few years, the rise of social media has led to a surge in regional influencers across India. Among these, Bengali regional influencers have been gaining prominence in the country's digital landscape.

Bengal, with its rich culture and history, has always been a hub of creativity and talent. The state has produced several iconic personalities, including Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore, filmmaker Satyajit Ray, and musician Ravi Shankar. Today, the legacy of Bengal's artistic heritage continues to thrive on social media platforms, with a new generation of Bengali regional influencers making waves online. From food bloggers to fashion icons, Bengali influencers are using social media to showcase their talents and connect with their followers.

Let's deep dive into the hottest Bengali regional creators taking over social media :

1. Shreya Chakraborty ( @ishreyyaa ) 159K Followers

Shreya Chakraborty is a talented professional dancer and lifestyle creator who has gained a significant following on social media platforms. With her incredible dance skills, she creates mesmerizing reels and dance videos that have captivated the hearts of her audience.One of the things that sets Shreya apart is her deep connection with Bengali culture and art, which she beautifully showcases in her videos. Her unique style and approach to dance have won her a large and dedicated fan base.In addition to her social media presence, Shreya also has a successful YouTube channel with over 200K subscribers. Her channel features a wide range of content, including dance performances, tutorials and much more. Through her dedication and passion for dance and Bengali culture, Shreya Chakraborty has become a respected and admired creator in the digital space. Her creativity and talent continue to inspire and entertain her growing audience, and she is sure to be a force to be reckoned with in the world of dance and lifestyle content creation.

2. Aditi Adhikary(Mrs. Paul) ( @aditi_paul_official ) 145K followers

Aditi Adhikary is a Kolkata-based regional creator who has gained a loyal following for her expertise in makeup and fashion. With a passion for all things beauty, Aditi uses her platform to share her knowledge and love for makeup with her followers. She is known for her unique style of wrapping herself, which incorporates her Bengali heritage into her different looks. Aditi's authenticity shines through in all of her content, which is one of the reasons she has become so popular on social media. Aditi has also collaborated with multiple skin care brands, demonstrating her expertise in the beauty industry.

3. Sharmili Chakraborty ( @_sharmili_ ) 111K followers

Sharmili Chakraborty is a multi-talented lifestyle content creator and engineer based in Kolkata, India. She has gained a substantial following with her engaging and informative content on fashion, styling, and skincare. Her videos showcase her impressive skills and creativity, making her an inspiration to her audience. Sharmili's styling videos are a standout feature of her content, and she has earned praise for her ability to inspire her viewers with unique ideas. Her videos are a go-to for anyone seeking creative and fresh inspiration in fashion and styling. As a creator, Sharmili has evolved her content over time, demonstrating her dedication to staying current and keeping her audience engaged. Her hard work and talent have been reflected in her rapid growth, and she has amassed a following of over 400,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel.

4. Dipanwita Podder ( @bong_dipanwita ) 110K Followers

Dipanwita Podder is a talented Bengali beauty and lifestyle creator. Her content primarily revolves around makeup tutorials and product reviews, which has gained her a loyal following among makeup enthusiasts. Her passion for makeup and beauty shines through in her videos, and her viewers appreciate her honest and informative approach.

Apart from makeup, Dipanwita is also known for her exceptional sense of fashion and styling, which she showcases in her content. Her unique and creative ideas in fashion have earned her praise and recognition among her followers.Overall, Dipanwita Podder is a skilled and creative creator whose content is a perfect blend of beauty and fashion. Her talent, dedication, and hard work have made her a respected figure in the world of beauty and lifestyle, and her engaging and informative videos have helped her build a dedicated following.

5. Sukanta Kundu ( @letsbeconfused) 100K+ Followers

Sukanta Kundu is a talented content creator and YouTuber who specializes in creating lifestyle content in Bengali. He is proud of his Bengali roots, and his content reflects his love for his culture. His relatable and engaging content has resonated with Bengali audiences, who appreciate his unique perspective on lifestyle and culture. Sukanta's YouTube channel has over 100K+ subscribers ability to connect with his audience and his engaging presentation style have helped him build a loyal following. Recently, Sukanta has collaborated with brands like Wild Stone as part of their regional influencer marketing strategy. His authenticity and relatability make him an ideal choice for brands looking to connect with Bengali audiences.

The rise of Bengali regional influencers is not only a testament to the state's creative talent but also a reflection of the growing importance of regional content in India's digital landscape. With over 450 million internet users, India is one of the largest and fastest-growing markets for social media platforms. As more and more users join these platforms, there is a growing demand for localized content that reflects India's rich cultural diversity.

In conclusion, the rise of Bengali regional influencers in India is a positive development that highlights the creative talent and cultural richness of the state. With their unique perspectives and insights, Bengali influencers are carving a niche for themselves in India's digital landscape and paving the way for more regional content creators to follow suit.


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