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Exclusive: The 5 Trending Malayalam Regional Influencers You Need to Follow Now

Malayalam Regional Influencers

In the vast and diverse landscape of Indian social media, regional influencers have emerged as powerful voices, representing their respective cultures and languages to a wide audience. Among them, Malayalam regional influencers have witnessed a remarkable rise in recent years. With the surge in internet penetration and the growing popularity of social media platforms, Malayalam influencers have found a unique space to showcase their talent, creativity, and perspectives, garnering immense popularity and influence.

In this blog, we delve into the reasons behind the rise of Malayalam regional influencers in India and their impact on society. Storytelling is an intrinsic part of the Malayalam culture, and regional influencers have embraced this art form to engage with their followers. Whether it's through travel vlogs, personal narratives, or short films, Malayalam influencers have mastered the art of captivating storytelling. While the internet has connected people across geographical boundaries, language barriers often limit access to content for non-English speakers. Malayalam influencers have effectively bridged this gap by creating content in their regional language, making it more accessible to Malayalam-speaking audiences.

Let’s look out for the top trending Malayalam influencers below

1. Sebin Cyriac aka Fishing Freak ( @sebin_cyriac ) 880K Followers

Sebin Cyriac, a popular content creator hailing from Kerala, India, has captured the hearts of millions with his captivating videos and adventurous spirit. Known for his diverse range of content, including fishing, travel, and road trips, Sebin has become a household name in Kerala and gained a substantial following worldwide. Sebin's passion for exploration and storytelling shines through in his videos, which offer a unique glimpse into his fascinating experiences. From the tranquil world of fishing, where he showcases his angling skills and the beauty of nature, to the enchanting realm of travel, where he introduces viewers to captivating creatures, Sebin's content is as educational as it is entertaining. His informative and engaging style of presenting has resonated with audiences of all ages, making him a beloved figure in the online community.

2. Vineeth C K ( @vineethck ) 426K Followers

C. K. Vineeth, an Indian professional footballer hailing from the Kannur district in the state of Kerala, has made a name for himself as an exceptional forward in the world of football. Currently representing RoundGlass Punjab in the I-League, Vineeth's journey in the sport has been nothing short of inspiring. While Vineeth's prowess on the football field has garnered significant attention, his creative talents extend beyond the game. Through his social media presence, Vineeth shares a diverse range of content that showcases his passion for wildlife, culture, heritage, and, of course, football. His ability to capture stunning wildlife photographs has captivated his followers and allowed them to witness the beauty of nature through his lens. By combining his love for football with his creative pursuits, Vineeth has successfully carved out a unique identity as an athlete who embraces diverse interests and uses his platform to celebrate the beauty of nature and the richness of Indian culture.

3. Ajay Prakash ( @valmakry ) 354K Followers

Ajay Prakash is a multi-talented creator based in Bangalore, India, specializing in travel, photography, automotive, and tech content. With a strong presence in the Malayalam-speaking community. Ajay's passion for travel is evident in his captivating content, which takes viewers on a virtual journey to breathtaking destinations. Through his videos and photographs, he showcases the beauty of diverse landscapes, cultures, and experiences. Ajay keeps his followers up to date with the latest trends and developments in the automotive industry. His expertise and passion for automobiles make his content valuable for both enthusiasts and casual viewers.

4. Sanju Techy ( @sanjutechy ) 238K+ Followers

Sanju Techy, a prominent creator, is often referred to as our very own Mr. Beast. Known for his philanthropic endeavors and engaging content, Sanju Techy has captured the hearts of viewers with his compassionate nature and entertaining videos. Through his unique style, he combines helping the needy, conducting engaging vox pop challenges, and vlogging, creating a diverse and engaging content portfolio. Sanju Techy incorporates engaging vox pop video challenges into his content. These challenges not only entertain his viewers but also offer them the opportunity to participate and win money or gifts. By involving his audience in interactive activities, Sanju Techy creates a sense of inclusivity and engagement, fostering a strong connection with his followers.

5. Roopa Revathi ( @rooparevathi ) 51.4K Followers

Roopa Revathi, a gifted artist from Kerala, India, is a renowned violinist and playback singer. With her exceptional musical talent and captivating performances, she has established herself as a prominent figure in the music industry. Roopa's musical talents have not gone unnoticed, earning her recognition and accolades. Her contributions to the industry have been celebrated through awards and honors, solidifying her position as a respected and admired artist.Roopa Revathi's contributions to the world of music, both as a violinist and playback singer, have made her a revered figure in Kerala and beyond. Her ability to mesmerize audiences with her virtuosity on the violin and her soul-stirring vocals showcase her immense talent and dedication to her art.


The rise of Malayalam regional influencers in India is a testament to the power of regional diversity in the digital age. These influencers have successfully showcased the beauty of Malayalam culture, captivated audiences with their storytelling abilities, and used their platforms to raise awareness about social issues. With their unique content, niche expertise, and ability to bridge the gap between languages, Malayalam influencers have become influential voices, shaping opinions and inspiring change. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, we can expect Malayalam influencers to further enrich the social media sphere with their creativity, authenticity, and impact.


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