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Google India's #SayItLikeItIs Campaign Breaks Language Barriers, Reaches 19.2 Million

Google India's Regional Influencer Marketing

This innovative campaign, timed around the globally recognized International Mother Language Day, celebrated on February 21st, has demonstrated Google's commitment to enriching the linguistic experience for millions of Indian language users.

Embracing Cultural Diversity through Language. Google, a cornerstone of the digital age, has been at the forefront of revolutionizing information access. However, the brand recognized that linguistic barriers were still impeding many individuals from fully utilizing the internet's potential. The #SayItLikeItIs campaign aimed to empower users to explore the internet in their native languages, thereby fostering inclusivity, cultural richness, and multilingual communication.

Unveiling the Language Nuances. Languages are more than just a means of communication; they are repositories of culture, emotions, and identity. India, with its vast linguistic tapestry, exemplifies this uniqueness. The campaign recognized that certain words and expressions are intrinsically tied to their respective languages and cultures. Translating them verbatim can often lead to amusing or even awkward situations, underlining the need for understanding language nuances.

To bring this vision to life, Google India embarked on a collaborative journey with a diverse array of influencers. Through meticulous research and selection, the brand partnered with locally and culturally relevant influencers across various categories. These influencers were handpicked to authentically convey the essence of the campaign and demonstrate the power of Google's language tools in crossing linguistic and cultural boundaries.

Creative Showcasing of Language Dynamics

The heart of the campaign lay in the creative collaborations with content creators and comedians from across India. These collaborations yielded a series of engaging, informative, and comedic reels that playfully highlighted the intricacies of language. The creators shared anecdotes and scenarios where specific words defied easy translation, bringing to the fore the challenges posed by language barriers.

A significant challenge was ensuring that the campaign equally represented languages from all corners of the country. To tackle this, Google India adopted a targeted approach, actively seeking out content creators from diverse regions who might not be as visible in mainstream online spaces. The result was a campaign that beautifully showcased the linguistic diversity spanning from the picturesque South to the vibrant North.

The execution of the #SayItLikeItIs campaign was a well-orchestrated process. It involved meticulous steps to ensure its seamless execution and impact. Scouting and Curation: A diverse list of content creators from various genres, spanning India's length and breadth, was identified and curated. Engagement and Concept Briefing: These creators were engaged and briefed on the campaign's exciting concept, aligning them with the significance of International Mother Language Day. Strategic Content Release: The campaign's content was strategically released, ensuring timely and consistent representation of as many Indian language communities as possible.Brand Integration: The campaign seamlessly integrated Google's brand message, showcasing the brand as a catalyst for achieving the campaign's objectives.Impressive Reach and Engagement : The impact of the #SayItLikeItIs campaign has been nothing short of impressive, with statistics reflecting the campaign's widespread success on Instagram:

  • Total Reach: 19,200,000+

  • Impressions: 21,010,000+

  • Likes: 1,536,000+

  • Comments: 10,700+

In partnership with Google India, the #SayItLikeItIs campaign has showcased the brand's dedication to fostering inclusivity in the online realm. By elevating local content creators and breaking down language barriers, the campaign has shone a light on India's cultural richness and promoted multilingual communication. Ultimately, this initiative empowers users to access information in their preferred languages, nurturing a diverse and vibrant online community.


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