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Top Regional Influencers You Must Follow in 2023

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

Images of Popular Regional Influencers in India

Influencers with a regional focus are becoming increasingly popular on social media. These individuals have a local following in addition to the generic ones and use their unique experiences and perspectives to showcase their specific region through content. Brands are now targeting these local influencers, particularly in India, as they are perceived as more authentic and credible when communicating in local languages. These influencers are able to connect with their audience by incorporating local cues, such as cuisine, attire, and language into their content.

Partnering with local influencers is a cost-effective way for brands to reach a large audience and engage with their target market. These influencers have a loyal following and are skilled at creating content that resonates with their audience. They provide a unique perspective that can help brands better understand their target market and create content that speaks directly to them.

Have a look at the Top 8 regional influencers who are acing the social media game :

1. Payal Raut (@_payalraut_) | 259K Followers

Payal Raut is a content creator in the comedy genre based in Pune, who produces short videos on Reels in Marathi language. Her content is deeply rooted in Maharashtrian culture and her observations and anecdotes are hilarious, making her highly relatable to her viewers. Payal has also collaborated with brands and promoted Marathi movies, as she believes in showcasing authenticity through her work. Her ability to incorporate local nuances in her content has garnered a loyal fan following, making her a popular Marathi content creator.

2. Aditi Adhikary( Mrs. Paul) ( @aditi_paul_official ) 142K followers

Aditi Adhikary is a Kolkata-based regional creator who has gained a loyal following for her expertise in makeup and fashion. With a passion for all things beauty, Aditi uses her platform to share her knowledge and love for makeup with her followers. She is known for her unique style of wrapping herself, which incorporates her Bengali heritage into her different looks. Aditi's authenticity shines through in all of her content, which is one of the reasons she has become so popular on social media. Aditi has also collaborated with multiple skincare brands, demonstrating her expertise in the beauty industry.

3. Parul & Yogesh ( @paru_n_guru ) 314K followers

Parul and Yogesh are a fun-loving Gujju couple who have taken the social media world by storm with their rib-tickling reels in Gujarati language. Hailing from Surat city, this duo has amassed a huge following on various social media platforms, thanks to their daily dose of laughter-inducing content. Their videos are centered around funny couple comedy, which makes them relatable and endearing to their viewers. What sets them apart is their clever use of Gujju slang and nuances, which adds an extra layer of authenticity and charm. For anyone looking to brighten up their day with some good old-fashioned humor, Parul and Yogesh's reels are a must-watch!

4. Kerala Foodie (@keralafoodie) 376K followers

Kerala Foodie is a renowned food blogger who creates content in Malayalam language. In addition to being a food critic, he is also a storyteller and traveler who shares his culinary adventures with his followers. His passion for food and travel is evident in the content he creates, which is not only about the food but also the cultural and social aspects surrounding it. Apart from this, he is also a TEDx speaker who is on a mission to travel with zero plastic.

5. Basavaraj Katti ( @it_karunadu ) 134K followers

Basavaraj Katti is a fitness trainer and a certified health coach who shares his expertise in the Kannada language. With a focus on fitness, travel, and cruising, his content appeals to a broad audience, providing tips and tricks for staying healthy while on the go. With his experience on cruise ships, Basavaraj is well-equipped to advise on fitness routines and nutrition while traveling. In addition to his passion for fitness, he has studied automobile engineering, adding to his unique perspective and knowledge of the body's mechanics. Overall, Basavaraj Katti is a well-rounded creator with a wealth of knowledge to share with his audience.

6. TechSatire ( @techsatire) 271K followers

TechSatire as the name suggests produces sketch-based content in the regional Tamil language. He shares news, updates, and reviews from the tech industry in an entertaining and informative way. With over 1.2 million subscribers on YouTube, TechSatire has become a popular figure in the tech community. He is known for his quirky and humorous approach in presenting information. His videos are designed to provide both entertainment and education, making them accessible to a wide range of viewers. Through his content, TechSatire has harnessed impressive growth over social media. His unique blend of tech and comedy has made him a beloved figure in the Tamil-speaking world.

7. Ganesh.Bugatha ( @b.v.s.ganesh) 252k followers

Ganesh Bugatha is a Telugu fashion and lifestyle creator who resides in Hyderabad. He has a popular YouTube channel with over a million subscribers, where he shares his insights on fashion and lifestyle. In addition to his YouTube channel, Ganesh is also the founder of @tones_fashion. This brand aims to provide people with the latest and most stylish clothing options. With his unique sense of style and creativity, Ganesh has become a well known figure in the fashion world. He uses his platform to inspire and empower others to express themselves through fashion. His dedication to the industry has helped him build a loyal fanbase that admires his work.

8. Sutej Singh Pannu ( @sutejpannu) 290K followers

Sutej Singh Pannu is a Punjabi photographer who has a passion for capturing emotions, love, and joy. He travels extensively and meets and greets people from different cultures and backgrounds, taking beautiful pictures of them. Sutej has a unique approach to his work, often surprising his subjects by giving them printed copies of their photos on the spot. The reactions he receives are always heartwarming and wholesome. Although his videos are in Punjabi, the emotions and stories that he captures transcends language barriers. His work is a testament to the power of human connection and the beauty that can be found in everyday life. If you want to add a smile to your day, be sure to follow Sutej Singh Pannu on his journey.

In conclusion, the world of content creation is vast and diverse, with creators from all corners sharing their unique perspectives and stories. In this, we have highlighted just a few of the top regional creators that you must follow. From TechSatire's humorous take on tech news to Ganesh Bugatha's stylish insights into the world of fashion, and Sutej Singh Pannu's heartwarming photography, each of these creators has something special to offer. By following them, you can gain a deeper appreciation for the richness of different cultures and the creativity of people around the world. So, be sure to check out their content and join their communities to experience the joy and inspiration that they have to offer.

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