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Elon Musk Announces Audio and Video Calls on X(Twitter): A Game-Changer for Communication

Twitter New Voice Call Feature

In a groundbreaking development, Elon Musk has unveiled plans to introduce audio and video call features to X, formerly known as Twitter. This eagerly awaited feature is set to revolutionize the way users communicate on the platform. What sets X apart is its promise of enabling audio and video calls without the need for a phone number, making it a versatile and global communication tool.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

One of the most exciting aspects of this announcement is that the audio and video call feature will be accessible across various platforms, including Android, iOS, PC, and Mac. This means that X users can seamlessly connect with friends, family, and colleagues regardless of their device preference, making it a universal communication platform.

No Phone Number Required

Perhaps the most intriguing aspect of Elon Musk's announcement is the elimination of the need for a phone number to make audio and video calls on X. Musk boldly proclaimed, "X is the effective global address book," highlighting the platform's ambition to redefine how we connect with others. This innovation not only enhances privacy but also simplifies the user experience, eliminating the hassle of exchanging phone numbers.

Teasers and UI Sneak Peeks

The anticipation surrounding this feature has been steadily building, with Twitter designer Andrea Conway sharing tantalizing snippets of the new features, including the user interface (UI). While the exact details remain under wraps, the UI appears to be user-friendly and in line with the aesthetics of other in-app calling services. Users can look forward to a familiar experience when making audio and video calls on X.

Subscription Model

One lingering question is whether this feature will be exclusive to Blue subscribers or available to all X users. Elon Musk has not provided clarity on this aspect, leaving room for speculation. Regardless of the subscription model, the introduction of audio and video calls will undoubtedly enhance the value proposition of X.

Availability and Future Expectations

While the audio and video call feature for X is now official, a specific timeline for its launch has not been disclosed. However, users can expect it to roll out in one of the upcoming updates of the X app. This development marks a significant step forward in X's evolution from a microblogging platform to a comprehensive communication hub.


Elon Musk's announcement of audio and video calls on X represents a pivotal moment in the platform's history. By offering cross-platform compatibility and eliminating the need for phone numbers, X aims to redefine the way we communicate in the digital age. As users eagerly await its implementation, this feature has the potential to solidify X's position as a versatile and indispensable tool for global communication. Stay tuned for updates, as X continues to shape the future of social media and connectivity.


Elon Musk is introducing audio and video call features to X (formerly Twitter), promising cross-platform compatibility and eliminating the need for phone numbers. This innovation aims to revolutionize communication and is highly anticipated. The exact launch date is unknown, and it's unclear if it will be exclusive to Blue subscribers. Nevertheless, it marks a significant step in X's evolution into a comprehensive communication platform, shaping the future of social media and connectivity.


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