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New Instagram Feature Allows Collaborative Contribution to Carousel Feed Posts

Instagram collab feature for carousel

Instagram is currently conducting live tests of a new feature that allows users to create collaborative carousel posts. This feature enables individuals to invite others to contribute photos or videos to their carousel feed posts. For example, if you have pictures from a party or a group outing, you can ask others to add their own images to create a shared collection.

The original creator of the post has the authority to approve or reject any submissions, and the post will only appear on the creator's profile, not on the profiles of other contributors. Each addition will display the contributor's username and the date of their contribution.

collab settings for instagram post

This feature aims to boost engagement and interaction within the app, aligning with Instagram's broader efforts to promote collaborative posting options. In addition to this, Instagram recently introduced the ability to share Stories with multiple groups at once, providing more control over who sees your updates. They also added the option to share feed posts with Close Friends only, facilitating more private group engagement.

These features cater to the trend of users interacting within smaller, more intimate groups on the platform, as opposed to focusing solely on reaching a wide audience through public posts. Instagram is increasingly focusing on direct engagement options, which could encourage more participation and help the platform gain insights into users' close connections, ultimately enhancing the discovery process.

The collaborative posting option is currently in testing with a select group of users.


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