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KFC Canada Bids Adieu to Lackluster Fries with a 'Fry Farewell'

KFC Fry funeral marketing campaign

In a light-hearted and satirical marketing move, KFC Canada is saying goodbye to its criticized french fries with a mock funeral procession, making way for their new, flavorful successor: $1 seasoned fries.

For years, Canadians haven't held back in expressing their dislike for KFC's existing fries, often describing them as soggy and bland, among other unflattering critiques.

KFC Canada has taken these criticisms seriously and decided to hold a 'Fry Funeral' for their outgoing fries. This quirky event took place on the streets of Toronto, allowing customers to pay their tongue-in-cheek 'fry'-nal respects. A specially branded hearse made its way from a KFC location to popular spots like Yonge-Dundas Square and the Budweiser Stage, carrying a casket filled with the soon-to-be-retired french fries.

Stepping into the spotlight are KFC's new seasoned fries, which the brand promises to be "crispy and seasoned enough to satisfy our toughest critics." These revamped fries will be available for a limited time, priced at just $1.

Azim Akhtar, Director of Marketing at KFC Canada, shared, "We knew that Canadians hated our old fries, so we saw this as an opportunity to show our fans that we hear them by changing up this menu item and launching it in a fun way."

Social media teasers of the 'Fry Funeral' have already garnered a whopping 8 million organic views. After the announcement, KFC fans have taken to social platforms to express their relief and appreciation for the menu makeover.

For those who couldn't attend the in-person service, KFC Canada had planned an online funeral complete with a eulogy. The old fries will officially be "put to rest" in a live-streamed event on August 1 at 12 p.m. Eastern Time, accessible on

Azim Akhtar emphasized, "The KFC brand is all about being bold and fun. This satirical campaign allows us to introduce an exciting new product that we're proud of while making light of a product that wasn't as beloved by Canadians."

Courage, a Toronto-based creative agency, conceptualized and developed this unconventional campaign for KFC Canada. Dhaval Bhatt, Courage's Chief Creative Officer, noted, "Canadians rated KFC's old fries as the lowest-rated fry in the nation. Naturally, something needed to change. When we heard KFC Canada reference the old box as 'The Fry Coffin,' we saw an opportunity to really send the not-so-beloved spuds off in a big way. And what's bigger than a public funeral procession throughout the streets of Toronto?"

The campaign content is being showcased across various channels, including KFC Canada's social media platforms, in-store displays, the KFC app,, out-of-home placements, television, and online advertising.


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