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YouTube Announces New Creator Tools, Including Generative AI Options, at ‘Made On’ Event

Youtube Generative AI feature

YouTube has unveiled a series of innovative tools and features in line with the latest trends and technology. These updates were announced at the "Made On" showcase event, where YouTube presented its latest projects to creators and industry professionals.

One notable addition is the introduction of "Dream Screen," a generative AI feature that allows creators to incorporate AI-generated images or videos as backgrounds in their YouTube Shorts. This move aligns YouTube with the generative AI trends seen on platforms like Snapchat, TikTok, and Instagram. Users can also enhance their content with creative backgrounds and elements using simple text prompts, expanding creative opportunities.

To help creators craft more compelling content, YouTube is launching its own video editing platform called "YouTube Create." This free app offers various editing tools, including audio cleanup to remove background noise, auto-captions in multiple languages, simplified video editing options like filters, effects, and transitions, access to royalty-free music and sound effects, and direct publishing to YouTube for both Shorts and long-form content. This tool aims to streamline the creative process and empower creators to produce high-quality videos more easily.

YouTube is also introducing an AI ideas generator to spark creativity. Users can input a topic prompt, and the system will suggest related videos and provide content ideas, including downloadable content outlines. While this could lead to similar content based on existing trends, it also serves as a source of inspiration, showcasing trending content related to various topics.

Additionally, YouTube is testing an automatic dubbing tool to expand content to more languages and enhancing assistive search in Creator Music to help creators find the perfect audio backing for their videos.

These updates aim to simplify content creation, provide creative guidance, and enhance the overall YouTube experience for creators. While AI tools may have limitations in terms of originality, when used as guides rather than prescriptions, they can significantly aid the creative process. These updates are gradually rolling out to YouTube creators, offering a range of new capabilities to explore.

TD:LR The new platform includes a range of editing options, including: Audio clean-up – Remove background noises Auto captions – Available in English, Hindi, and Spanish Filters Effects and transitions – Simplified video editing tools, all presented on a single screen Access to royalty-free songs and sound effects Direct publishing to YouTube – Including both Shorts and long form content


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